You Don't Have to be Wrong

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Building BridgesBuilding Bridges: Abrahamic Perspectives on the World Today
with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Season II

Now Available on a 3-DVD Set

A first-ever 15-part series conceived by a rabbi for Bridges TV-American Muslim TV Network, the show brings together religious leaders of the three major Abrahamic faiths to grapple with the divisive issues splitting our traditions and country. Fast paced and tied to today's news, it gives viewers a deeper understanding of how people of faith see the world, and each other, with live interviews from the American public.
Price: $25.00 (3 DVD Set)
To order, click here.

Freaks Like MeFreaks Like Me is a provocative documentary featuring Rabbi Brad Hirschfield that examines religion in the age of terrorism. Filmed in Barcelona at the 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions, the pre-eminent interfaith gathering, it explores the tension between faith and violence, and confronts our fears of the "other." Interspersed throughout the film are conversations with swamis, imams, monks, yogis, rabbis, priests and other earthly wanderers, all seeking a higher truth.
Price: $18.00 (DVD)
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Remember for LifeRemember for Life, edited by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, is a moving volume of stories from the survivors of the Holocaust. The book illustrates the importance of memory, recalling those small instances in which humanity triumphed over evil. It reminds us that we can learn how to lead more meaningful, ethical and joyful lives from even the most painful times.
Price: $18.00
Jewish Publication Society, 2007